👋 Hi, I'm Casey

I've had a storied career — software engineer, consultant, entrepreneur, mentor, advisor, investor — and I'm just getting started.
Casey (Avatar)

I came from humble beginnings – just a poor kid with a ton of curiosity and a desire to show people that beginnings don't define you. My wife is my biggest cheerleader and I strive everyday to show my kids what hard work and perseverance can achieve.

Here are some of my accomplishments (so far):

  • built my last firm to 8-figures within 5 years and then sold it
  • spent the last few years helping small firms (like yours) scale up
  • building an even bigger firm now (think global and 9-figures)

I’ve made a lot of mistakes, discoveries, landed a few wins, and even learned some secrets along the way that few consulting firms seem to know.

And I’m sharing everything I wish I knew when I started!


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